SOUND ART of M.W. Burns


Since sound simultaneously occupies physical and psychological space,  I think of sound installation as injecting something into the space between the observed and the observer. The work is something understood as present and something that includes you. 

"M.W. Burns' conceptual work … exists purely in the form of sound and in the imagination of the 'viewer,' reminding us that our heads are where art really happens.”
Margaret Hawkins, Breaking Boundries, Chicago Sun Times, May 6, 2006 


“M.W. Burns’ sound work disorients the familiar multi-media category of art-making with a bias toward understanding spatial arrangements and minimal form. The sound … pouring from the faces of these public address units bespeak Wagner’s position that music could ‘amplify what can’t be shown’. But perhaps more appropriately, Burns’ sound sculptures amplify what we choose not to see.”


Michelle Grabner, Frieze Magazine, Issue 34, May 1997


MESSENGER, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago


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